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MSA Awareness Shoe

About The MSA Awareness Shoe

The sole mission of the MSA Awareness Shoe is to raise awareness about Multiple System Atrophy by its symbolic world marathon. The journey originally began as a prank among a group of friends who wanted to make people laugh. One of those people was Pearl Turner, who had Multiple System Atrophy. To date, the MSA Awareness Shoe has visited over a dozen countries across the world.

The Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN: 47-2700163. The MSA Awareness Shoe (all seven associated physical MSA shoes representing the world’s 7 continents) and any associated items (attached or accompanying momentos on its journey) are the property of the Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe, Inc. The “Shoe” has it is affectionately called is soley owned by MSA Shoe Charity (EIN: 47-2700163). Any attempt to clone the shoe(s), claim ownership of any of the 7 official MSA Shoes or infringe on the legal rights of real owner will be met with a vigorous and public defense. The MSA Awareness Shoe is symbolic of all those MSA patients that have actually posed with the Shoe(s). All right, title and interest in the MSA Awareness Shoe or any of the physical MSA Awareness Shoes or depictions thereof, including all Intellectual Property Rights therein, are  exclusively owned by Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe (EIN: 47-2700163). Temporary hosting grantees (those who have completed an official hosting agreement co-signed by officials with the MSA Awareness Shoe Charity) whether in the US or any other country, will have no rights in or ownership of the “Shoe” or any other associated property. The Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe, Inc. does not authorize the reproduction of its logo or image in any form (print, media, apparel, or physical replica) without prior consent or the permission set forth by the Shoe owner.“The Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe” trademark name is currently pending.

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MSA is a rare, rapidly progressive neurodegenerative disorder. MSA impairs the systems that regulate blood pressure, heart rate and bladder – many of the basic bodily functions that people take for granted every day. People with MSA suffer from dangerously low blood pressure, speech and swallowing difficulties, sleep disturbances, breathing problems, rigidity and tremors. The life expectancy for those with MSA is typically five to ten years. Patients with MSA, oftentimes progress to a point in which they are virtually trapped within their own bodies, unable to move and unable to communicate. At present, there is no cure for MSA, no genetic tests to detect it and very few treatments to manage its debilitating effects.

Realizing that much of the current attention is focused on more widely known diseases, Multiple System Atrophy is overlooked. MSA patients are confronted with a dim prognosis and left with few options. Defeat MSA aims to increase AWARENESS, help ALLEVIATE suffering and ADVANCE research toward the cure for MSA!

Thousands of people have around the world have lost loved ones to Multiple System Atrophy. Kerry Glen Simon (June 17, 1955 – September 11, 2015) was an American celebrity chef, Iron Chef winner and restaurateur based in Las Vegas. The MSA community will always remember Kerry fondly. He was a gentle, talented and passionate individual and will continue to be greatly missed. Kerry was a heroic witness to the tragedy of MSA. We are indebted to him for his efforts to raise awareness, crucial research funds and for giving a public voice to our cause.