June 20, 2023

Barbara Sledge Jamison, my mother – was loving, patient, and caring. She was full of faith and love for everyone she encounters. In her youth she was active in the yard and garden. She enjoyed bowling, fishing, and taking trip to Laughlin for a little gambling. She enjoyed racing greyhounds and found strong bonds with all her dogs.

She started to notice her body changing. She had believed she had suffered some small stokes. She began to lose her ability to steady herself and talk loud and clear. She was misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s at first, as so many have been in the past. She was finally diagnosed and was suffering with MSA a terminal disease. She was in ICU for over a month, and in a rehab facility on and off in her final two years. She had a trach put in and spent the final months of her life confined to a hospital bed with no ability to move. She continued to fight day in and day out with such an amazing smile most days. The Lord called her home in Jan 2014. She was an amazing women- I’m proud of my mother and love her so much. I was not able to cure her and was horrible to watch this disease take her more and more. My way of remembering my mother and helping keep her spirit going is to share her story so others may understand and help raise awareness.

This terrible disease needs our help in spreading awareness and building research funds.

Hannah Carriger Franklin

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