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Hosting the MSA Awareness Shoe

If you wish to host the MSA Awareness Shoe for a fundraiser in your area, you can apply for this opportunity by completing the forms below. An essential requirement is that 100% of the event proceeds (that means profit beyond the reasonable costs incurred from organizing the fundraiser) must be forwarded to the MSA Awareness Shoe.

The Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN: 47-2700163. The MSA Awareness Shoe (all seven associated physical MSA shoes representing the world’s 7 continents) and any associated items (attached or accompanying momentos on its journey) are the property of the Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe, Inc. The “Shoe” as it is affectionately called is soley owned by MSA Shoe Charity (EIN: 47-2700163). Any attempt to clone the shoe(s), claim ownership of any of the 7 official MSA Shoes or infringe on the legal rights of the real owner will be met with a vigorous and public defense. The MSA Awareness Shoe is symbolic of all those MSA patients that have actually posed with the Shoe(s) – especially those who have posed with a Shoe and now are deceased, our MSA angels. All right, title and interest in the MSA Awareness Shoe or any of the physical MSA Awareness Shoes or depictions thereof, including all Intellectual Property Rights therein, are  exclusively owned by Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe (EIN: 47-2700163). Temporary hosting grantees (those who have completed an official hosting agreement co-signed by officials with the MSA Awareness Shoe Charity) whether in the US or any other country, will have no rights in or ownership of the “Shoe” or any other associated property. The Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe, Inc. does not authorize the reproduction of its logo or image in any form (print, media, apparel, or physical replica) without prior consent or the permission set forth by the Shoe owner.“The Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe” trademark name is currently pending. Any infringement on the rights claimed here will be remedied by court action if necessary.

Forms to Use the Shoe with Your Fundraiser:

Please download and send completed forms to: