June 20, 2023

She is my MSA Angel, My Angel of Hope, Sharing the Light of Hope and Courage!

Jill was born the second of three children in 1944 and from an early age was destined to be a school teacher. We both attended Melbourne Teachers College and were married 1st of January 1966. Our first son was born in 1969, our daughter in 1972 and by 1975 Jill was back doing what she loved teaching. Our youngest son arrived in 1979 and again in 1985 Jill returned to teaching, she continued teaching until 2002 when she was diagnosed with stress and we went off on our trip of a life time around Australia as it turned out. Jill was diagnosed with MSA-C in 2004. She was determined to beat it and with the help of our families we did everything possible – natural therapies, drugs , stem cells in 2006 and 2008 and the most beneficial – Exercise. We converted our garage into a complete gym “Jillsgym” and she exercised there every day. We had a purpose built caravan – wheel chair accessible and we continued to holiday with family and friends. In Easter 2013, she was able to spend time with her two beloved grandsons and family. She passed away in her sleep on the morning after we returned home. She will always be in my heart where ever I am.

~ Mac Keenan

Jill’s MSA Blog: www.jilliansgym.com

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