June 20, 2023

Joe Fortier was the son of Callista Fortier and (the late) Charles Fortier. He attended Catholic schools in Detroit and graduated from the University of Detroit Jesuit High School. After high school, Joe began a career in the field of sleep medicine. He held positions at Henry Ford, Oakwood, Macomb and the VA hospitals. For more than 25 years Joe managed sleep clinics, consulted on research (now oftentimes cited by others), contributed to publications and helped to establish many sleep study clinics throughout Michigan.

Until the onset of his illness, Joe led a very active and adventurous life, one that included jogging, swimming and scuba diving. He was a strong and loving family man who had a quick wit and great sense of humor. Active in local politics, Joe always had in his mind what would best help the common man build a better life. Throughout his life, Joe was committed to advancing medical research to help others. He completed his life’s journey with an integrity drawn not from great deeds, but rather from the simple desire to do his best to help others.

In late 2009, Joe was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). He suffered from the disease for three years. In January of 2013, at only 56 years of age, Joe passed away.

~ He is greatly missed by his mother, daughter and grandson, surviving brothers and their families, many close cousins and numerous friends.

Please visit the website of the MSA Foundation, named after Joe: http://www.DefeatMSA.org

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